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Guiding Your Children on the Path to Success

Let Clever Learning help your child soar to greater heights. Located in in Folsom, California, we offer a variety of programs to help students learn new subjects and improve on old ones. Through our efforts, your little ones can broaden their scope of knowledge and develop better studying habits.

Our Methods


All Clever Learning students start with an assessment test to pinpoint their areas of weakness. Our assessments are normalized and show things that each child needs to work on to bring him or her to grade level or to push him or her further.

Customized Plans

We create a customized plan for each child by examining his or her test results.

In this step, will also discuss the number of sessions recommended for your child to improve and succeed.

Enrollment Process

1. Call us for free information.

One of our specialists will talk to you and give you more details about our programs. The program we recommend will depend on your child’s age, grade level, and the subjects that he or she needs help with.

2. Schedule a test.

Set up an appointment with us for your child to take our grade-level normalized test.

3. Take advantage of our free consultation.

One of our specialists will explain in detail the results of the normalized test as well as the recommended number of hours of tutoring.

4. Enroll your child at Clever Learning.

A program will be designed to meet your child’s specific needs. This program will go hand in hand with the common core curriculum of Folsom. Our tutors are available seven days a week, including evenings, for your convenience.

5. Encourage your child to improve and maintain his or her grades.

Many of our students achieve grades ranging from A to A+. Why not help your child become one of them? Our goal is not only to assist students in improving their grades but also to help them fully understand.

We guide children in becoming competent in every subject. Moreover, we help those who are already excelling maintain their grades, become more knowledgeable, and excel in all ways academically.

Tutoring Programs

Our Tutors

The tutors we employ are more than qualified to teach in their respective subjects. We see each student not just as a tutee but as a person with his or her own individual needs whether he or she is struggling in a subject and needs to improve or is already excelling and wants to achieve even more.

Children need an experienced and passionate tutor to help them reach their academic goals. Clever Learning tutors are experienced in and passionate about their subjects and about delivering the best programs to your children. They are experienced working with children of all ages as well as children with ADD and ADHD. We also work with our students' teachers and work closely with some charter schools.

Common Core

Our staff is up to date on all common core English, science, and math curriculum in the Folsom area. We tailor our programs to each student by utilizing the resources that will best help them learn and become confident in all subjects. Our tutors are caring, thoughtful, and creative.

Individualized Programs

We ensure that your child’s program is suited to his or her needs. Our tutors will also work with the student’s parents and teachers to ensure that he or she learns, improves, and receives adequate attention.

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English Programs

Pre-K to Grade 12

Clever Learning offers help in writing, reading, reading comprehension, grammar, and verbal and written articulation of thoughts. We will assist your children as they learn how to write, read, and comprehend through simple steps that encourage critical thinking and enjoyment.

Math Programs

Pre-K to Grade 12

Math is usually the subject most disliked by children. However, we make math problems simpler and fun and interesting, enabling students to overcome their fears. Rest assured that our highly qualified tutors will assist your children with tackling difficult math concepts so that they can move to the next level and improve their scores.


Pre-K to Grade 12

At Clever Learning, we tutor in these areas:

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  • Earth Sciences

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  • Biology

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  • Physics

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  • Chemistry

Science Tutoring

We make science fun and interesting for your children, igniting their enthusiasm about the subject. Working hand in hand with you and your children's teachers, we will help your children improve their academic scores, and get to the next level.


Improve your English skills with the help of qualified native English teachers at Clever Learning. Our team assesses students and builds a unique program that develops students' speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills. Our students study customized listening exercises, learn how to make clear pronunciations, and hone their reading and writing skills.

Test Preparation

Our knowledgeable tutors will work with your children to help them achieve higher scores in the exams. Students receive personalized attention and are provided with techniques to help them do better on the exams. Our test preparation program also helps students feel less anxious about tests.

We also offer our assistance in college essay writing and provide advice on applying to different universities.

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Learning Advantage

The team of instructors at our institute identifies your children's weaknesses and strengths in English (reading and writing), math, and science. We then map out a step-by-step approach to help your children achieve high test scores. Furthermore, our team will teach your children techniques to reduce stress and effectively strategize for tests.

Study Skills

The programs at Clever Learning help students study in creative and efficient ways. We help students become more organized. Students must have good study habits and time management skills to succeed academically. In the long run, these skills will prove beneficial as students go on to college and careers.

Summer Programs

Reading Summer Program

Pre-K and K: Jumpstart your child’s preparation for school. Through detailed methods, we will help your child prepare for the school year.

Grade 1 to Grade 4: Improve your children's reading skills by joining our tailored program.

Reading for All Ages: Improve your children's reading skills by enrolling them in one of our programs.

Writing Program

Your children will learn how to structure sentences correctly and improve their writing skills.​

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Math Program 

Join our math program, which involves activities that make learning math easy. Children enrolled in this program are taught the appropriate mathematical concepts to prepare them for the upcoming school year.

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Study Skills

We can help your children with managing time, developing lifelong learning skills, and improving organizational skills.

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