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Tips for Finishing the Semester/Trimester Strong

As the school year nears its end, many students find their motivation (not surprisingly) lagging. It's easy to let your anticipation of summer and the end of the year overshadow what is most important now–school. It's ultimately better, and will make the rest of the year easier, if you continue working just as hard as you have been.

Keep yourself focused on the present and on what you need to accomplish. Here are some tips for how to keep focused on school through the end of the year.

View School As Your Job

You should be doing this all year, but now is the time when this viewpoint pays off. School is your number one priority; even though you're not getting "paid," it's what is most important to you right now.

You may have sports practice(s) or extracurricular activities, but school is most important. Every assignment you get is part of your job and needs to be completed. If you view school this way, you will learn to prioritize what is most important and will stay on top of your assignments.

Prioritize Your Assignments

This is especially important towards the end of the semester (or trimester). By then, you may have several papers, projects, or simple homework assignments due at the same time. So that you do not feel overwhelmed, you have to prioritize these assignments by what is due earliest and what will take the longest.

For instance, if you have several assignments due in the next 2 days and two larger projects due later, you should definitely complete the assignments due in the next 2 days first. However, once you finish those, you should start researching, reading, or otherwise beginning your larger project.

Whenever you have extra time and after finishing your daily homework, you can work a bit on the project. This way, the project is not left until the last minute and you will have more time to prepare and hopefully edit it.

This also means that you have to choose between doing an assignment due tomorrow and spending a night out with your friends. In that situation, you should probably choose the assignment. Don't forget about your schoolwork just because summer is coming. You can spend time with your friends after you’ve submitted everything.

All Assignments Affect Your Grades

Yes, even the ones due at the end of the year. Even if you have an A in the class, you need to keep doing as well as you can on your homework so you maintain that A. Even one or two Cs or Ds can bring your grade down to a B depending on the class. If you're in high school, every class grade counts, as colleges will be looking at your grades as will employers.

Please also keep in mind that your grades are still important even if you are in middle school. Your placement in classes in high school will depend on them.

Don’t Break the Habit

Prioritizing your assignments and working as hard on them as you can are habits best started early and are ones you don't want to break. The earlier you start focusing on all your homework, regardless of the time of year, the faster this will become a habit that will help you succeed in high school, college, and the workforce.

Employers most appreciate those who work hard at their tasks, and working hard in school will help prepare you mentally and physically for succeeding in your future career.

If prioritizing, organizing, getting, or keeping your grades up is a struggle for you, please seek assistance either by asking your parents and teachers for help or attending a quality tutoring center such as Clever Learning.

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